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Satya-Mystical-Potential-Lotus-Mandala-Necklace Satya-Mystical-Potential-Lotus-Mandala-Necklace2 Satya-Mystical-Potential-Lotus-Mandala-Necklace3

Satya Mystical Potential Lotus Mandala Necklace

  • White Topaz – individuality, creativity, awareness
  • Moon – nourishment, protection, goddess
  • Lotus – new beginnings, infinite potential
  • Length – 30″
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Product Description

Within each of us, an unlimited potential to live our highest truth. Moonstone beads guide us inward; a gold lotus flower pendant reminds us that new beginnings are forever possible. A gleaming white topaz clarifies our vision for who we are to become: anything and anyone we want to be.

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