Bethany Lowe Designs Ghost Coming Out of Pumpkin - Large

Bethany Lowe Designs
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Brand Bethany Lowe Designs

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It must be nice to be a ghost, you can hide just about anywhere! This ghost has been hiding out for days, using the carved pumpkin as cover while he waits patiently to scare the little trick or treaters that will be coming to the house he has haunted for centuries. The Ghost Coming out of a Pumpkin figure is the perfect piece for a tabletop display or a hearth. The white ghost has a friendly appearance so it should not scare young children, and the jack o' lantern is carved with a happy, smiling face. There is a hole in the back of the pumpkin where you could insert a light cord to illuminate the carved jack o' lantern face with a C7 bulb.

• Material: Paper Mache & Festooning

Bethany Lowe Designs